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What are arrays? How to implement arrays? How to access elements in an array?
I have a few matrices and arrays such as Arrays : A = [1 3 5 ], B = [2 5 6], C = [ 1 5] Matrices D = [ 1 3; 2 5], E = [ 1 3; 2 5; 1 4], H = [ 1 3 4; 2 5 5; 1 4 6], I = [ 5 3 4; 2 1 5], Please let me know which matrices or array can I multiply, invert, add?
Explain how to declare, define and use arrays in Java.
How to merge two sorted arrays which are in ascending order?
How do we declare, define and initialize arrays in C++?
How do arrays work and give some examples.
Explain how can arrays be passed as parameters to functions and mention about arraycopy() functtion.
Explain how to point a pointer to character. Also mention how to pass multi-dimensional arrays to functions?
Expalin briefly about pointers and arrays in C++ and the differences between the two.
Explain what is an array of objects. Also explain the use of multi-dimensional arrays in Java.
What are multi-dimensional arrays? How to implement them and how to access elements in an array?
Explain how can we sort arrays using bubble sort, insertion sort and selection sort.
Explain the concept of dynamic arrays in C++.
Explain multi-dimensional arrays in C.
How can we use arrays in JavaScript?
How to multiply 2 matrices?
How to transpose a matrix?
How can you find the sum of diagonals on a matrix?
How can you find whether a matrix is symmetric or not?

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